Digitize Your
Informal Bank Microfinance Cooperative

Complete record management tool and financial service toolbox for thrift collectors (AJO or ESUSU) , cooperatives and local saving clubs.


The future
of informal banking is here

We are Providing affordable financial services to the last mile through Thrift collectors (ajo, esusu), savings clubs and local co-operatives. we are helping local financial service providers do more by keeping better records and giving them additional income streams.

Non Banking MFIs (Micro Finance Institutions)

Registered institutions with marketers as mobile Agents, and offering group/cooperative services.

Mobile local Agents (thrift collectors, AJo, ESUSU)

Individuals moving from house to shop, collecting daily contributions from mostly MSMEs and fulfilling withdrawals for them at month’s end.


Group of individuals in an organisation which put in shared capital and withdraw in turns, usually in a monthly cycle.


Challenges with informal
financial service solutions

Toju is digitizing the informal financial service space for the unbanked and underbanked in Nigeria.

Long Reconciliation Time

1-2 hours per day per 100 customers

Poor Record Organization

manual book keeping

Low Liquidity

due to withdrawal from their customer as the same time within the months

High expenses for CRM

very high expenses



A complete record management tool and financial service toolbox for thrift collectors, cooperatives and local savings club.


Multi Platforms

You can use our solution regardless of your device, we currently support Web and mobile options, more options in the pipeline .

Offline Syncronization

No internet? No problem. Toju Mobile App allows you to work without the internet and automatically synchronise your records whenever you can access the internet.

Credit Rating

Toju's algorithm automatically helps create a credit profile for all registered members by translating their daily transactional activities into acceptable credit rating for any lending institution.

Access collateral-free loans

We assist in financing loan requests from Agents who cant fulfil loan request from their users, we remove the stress of bulk loan finance by cooperatives. the loan we give is collateral-free with low-interest rates.


Toju Africa

We help non-bank Micro Finance Institutions, Cooperatives, savings and mobile local thrift agents improve on their record management and provide them with broader financial services such as loans and insurance they normally wouldn't be able to access.

How Toju works

We Enabled Financial
Institution To Manage Their Records

We deliver a cloud-based core banking platform that enables your non bank financial institution.

10k+ MSMEs