Digitizing the Bank of the
Unbanked Unbanked Unbanked

Toju offers financial services to the last mile user using a fusion of trusted informal financial service practices and technology.


The Future
of the Cash Economy is here

We provide flexible financial services to those who are usually the last to benefit from them. The underserved population can now save and invest without hassles through USSD and TOJU agents near them.

Save & invest the smarter, wiser way.

Toju helps the underserved population to achieve their financial goals with zero risks.

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Challenges with the current savings & investment space

We have taken savings and investments to newer heights. We want to fully represent those who are underserved, unbanked, and underbanked in Nigeria.

Poor Demographics

Most of the savings and investment infrastructure cater to Gen Z and millennials. The aged, local businesses, and the underserved population have no choice but to bear with riskier savings opportunities.

Non-existent Financial Statements

Thrift collectors usually don’t have the means to help their customers generate their bank statements without leaking sensitive financial information.

Poor Liquidity

Due to the simultaneous withdrawals at the same time each month, most localized savings options for the underbanked don’t have enough funds to go around.


Help the underbanked in your community cultivate healthier saving habits


Get Access to More Customers

As a Toju agent, you can access other customers outside your reach and network. When they save with you, they can also patronize your local business. It’s a win-win.

Increased Earning Potential

Provide robust banking services to your immediate environment and earn extra income doing that.



A complete record management tool and financial service toolbox for thrift collectors, cooperatives and local savings club.


Flexible Access to Funds

You can save and withdraw your funds anytime and anywhere without having an existing bank account.

Financial Statements

Your daily savings transactions history is now as good as a bank statement recognised and accepted by all financial and non financial institutions


Ensuring the security of your account is our top priority. We partner with fully licensed and insured financial institutions to provide a regulated service. Our payment processors meet the industry standards of PADSS and PCIDSS compliance for added protection.


We understand the importance of convenience and proximity when it comes to managing your finances. That's why we've developed a unique system of agents who are available in your local area to provide personalized financial advice and assistance.